What we can offer


We combine our comprehensive database of the finest domestic staff with unparalleled expertise in the upkeep of your properties and households. Whether staff have been under your employ for years, or a new staff member has recently been hired, all need to ensure that their skills are perfected and fit the individual requirements of their employers’ lives. From new cleaning products to updated smart-home technology, the skills of your staff should evolve over time and remain up to date.

Examples of our services include:
• Teaching an Estate Manager to optimize their knowledge of smart-home technology, such as Creston.
• Instruct a Butler to create a working household inventory.
• Ensure Housekeepers are correctly prepared to handle valuable artwork or priceless antiques
• Train a Chef in how to prepare a Kosher or diet-conscious meal

Specific examples of specialized courses that can be included in our packages include:
• How to pack the perfect valise, caring for the Gentlemen’s or Ladies’ wardrobes
• Shoe care, how to protect, clean and polish, or the art of cleaning silver

• Sommelier, the basics. Including how to store, choose, decanter, and pour wines. What to say and when.
• Table setting and service styles, including Russian, French, and tray service

• Fine laundry, perfect ironing, basic garment repair, bed-making and caring for household linens
• Blinds, curtains and upholstery, fine crystal and porcelain, cleaning chandeliers

• Air travel. Booking, priority access and VIP lounges
• Private security and defensive driving
• Outdoor estate maintenance and grounds keeping


For corporate needs, Society Academy offers tailor-made packages and specialized courses in all aspects of customer service and executive support, no matter what your industry.

Elocution | Realise the value of staff that speak clearly, and are concise and consistent.
Etiquette | See how staff morale can be improved by building a culture of good manners.
Preparing Presentations & Public Speaking | Forms of expression and ways to effectively pitch your ideas.
Customs of International Clients | Improve effective business relationships by better understanding your international clients.